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Moving Storage


Moving? We can help! Send your items to self-storage!

  • Have boxes left over from packing your moving truck?
  • Don't know where you'll live in a new city?
  • Wish you could just have short-term self-storage for a month or a summer?
  • Wish you could just send your boxes to a self-storage facility and get them back in a new city?
  • Wish you could just have someone hold your items until you get settled?

Ship2Storage can help! Ship2Storage combines shipping, storage and service into a simple process. Simply pack, affix the provided labels and send directly to storage. Pickup boxes directly from your doorstep or drop off at a shipper location. Send and store one box or many directly to self storage. Whether you are moving for school, relocating for a new job, studying abroad, military deployment, or just need help with moving, Ship2Storage's moving services can help! Our customers have used our unique shipping and storage solution for summer shipping and storage, ship-to-school, trade-show storage and shipping, military deployment, and to store items while you move to a new location. We make is simple: Just pack and send to self-storage from one city and get your items back, even in another city.

Since our founding, there have been many names for this service: mail storage, shipping storage, mail-order self-storage, personal self-storage, self-storage on demand, self-storage as a service, storage by mail, and so on. To us, this doesn't matter. Ship2Storage simply aims to offer self-storage that fits you, as your moving needs grow or shrink, and to provide an easy way to access shipping / self-storage wherever you may go. Ship2Storage offers a variety of services that can help

  • Tailored service: Store one box or many, and directly send to self storage. Ship2Storage can ship from self-storage when you request them.
  • Pay-as-you go mail storage. Pay month-to-month or save money with Ship2Storage's storage plans. Prices as low as $2.79/month.
  • Convenience: Ship2Storage combines shipping and storage and makes it easy for you to send to self-storage and get boxes back, even in another city. Ship2Storage offers ship-to-school, ship-to-office, ship-to-home services that are perfect for job relocation, study abroad, summer vacations, etc.
  • Service that works: See how people use us — whether it's relocating for a job and not knowing where you'll live, student summer-storage or study-abroad, military deployments, trade shows or moving storage, we can help. Ship2Storage has also been rated 100% safe by ScamAdvisor, and we have great reviews on Yelp.

Place an order, and see why Ship2Storage is the world's most convenient self storage.

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