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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is Ship2Storage?

Ship2Storage provides moving and self-storage with the convenience of doorstep-to-doorstep service. Unlike renting traditional storage units, you can ship and store just one box or many, and you pay only for the storage space the length of time you use. You simply box your items, use our web site (login required) to get shipping labels, and leave the rest to us. Our clean, modern, and secure warehouses will accommodate your storage needs. Try us and you'll see why Ship2Storage is the world’s most convenient moving and self-storage.

Who can benefit from Ship2Storage?

Everyone needs to free up space in their closets, offices, garages, etc., but they may not need to rent a full or partial storage unit. Some people want to keep their belongings in a place that is safe from flood, fire, or other disasters. Some just need a temporary place to hold their belongings while they move. Others need a virtual warehouse, where they can store items and have them shipped to locations as needed. Read how our customers innovatively use Ship2Storage .

What businesses can benefit from Ship2Storage?

All businesses can free up expensive office or retail space by storing documents, supplies or inventory with us. As your business grows, you may need to reclaim space for employees or operations. Accountants, law practices, trade show marketers, etc. may also value our modern, climate-controlled facilities and the ability to manage your items online. Request boxes to be shipped online, and we can have them on your doorstep in a short while. Ship2Storage offers a great solution for excess stock, bulk storage, trade show materials, or looking after records. You can send boxes to us 24 hours a day from anywhere in the continental United States, and we can ship to locations you specify. Some businesses have even made our warehouse facility an extension of their business.

What are your Service Areas?

Ship2Storage services the entire Continental United States, from New York to Los Angeles, Seattle to Miami and all points in between. We provide instant storage for anyone who can send a package.

Can my boxes be picked up at my home?

Yes, you can arrange to drop-off your shipment at a local shipping office (e.g. FedEx, USPS) or you can arrange a pick-up at your doorstep. Many of our customers find the home pick-up feature convenient and economical, especially for larger orders. You also have the option to take your boxes to your shipper’s closest retail location for no additional cost.

Why not rent a Self Storage Unit?

Traditional self-storage units (a.k.a. mini-storage, storage lockers, etc.) are best suited for people who have large storage needs such as vehicles, furniture, etc. Traditional storage also requires substantial effort on your part: sometimes you may spend the better part of a Saturday going to a bad part of town, hunting for your items, and expending the effort to transport, load, retrieve, and unload items from the storage unit. Traditional self-storage tends to be costly, cumbersome to access, with long lock-in periods, inflexible contracts, and spaces that don't fit your storage needs. Traditional storage also only works if you are in the same area -- if you want to store from one location and then pick up in another, traditional storage units just won't work. With Ship2Storage, you can store your items from your doorstep in one location and retrieve your items anywhere — even in another city or state! Ship2Storage combines moving and self-storage in a convenient service.

For most moving and storage needs, Ship2Storage is less work, less hassle, and less expensive. Don’t have a truck? Or, don't want the hassle rushing to pick up a rental truck, load it, drive to your storage location, unload it, get gas and return it? Ship2Storage's low, flexible prices and convenience allow you to arrange pick up/ delivery from/to your doorstep. We charge only for the cubic feet of space your boxes occupy so you always get what you pay for. Ship2Storage combines moving, shipping and storage, and we bring it to your doorstep.

How much will it cost?

Our flexible prices are based on the size and weight of your item. Our rates start at $2.79 per month for a Small Box. You may further lower your costs through our periodic promotions. See our prices for details. You can save the most money by purchasing a longer term contract. You will be billed monthly. See Prices page for complete details.

Are there any hidden storage charges to pay for?

We take pride in our price transparency, and we publish our prices , give you quotes up front, and have no hidden fees. The charges you pay for are: shipping to the warehouse, storage at the warehouse, and shipping back to the location of your choice. You may opt to pay additional storage insurance.

If your box is damaged on the way into the warehouse, we will determine the degree of damage and whether a shipper will accept the box again to send to you. We may at our option repair the damage to get the box back to you. If the box is damaged beyond repair, and/or the shipper will not accept it, we can rebox it at an additional charge. We will NOT open any box, unless required by law or a Court of law, or in case of emergency. Emergencies include (but not limited to) situations when, in our discretion, we need to: make any repairs to the box or replace the box (however we are not obligated to repair or replace any boxes); locate and remove any property which appears to be seeping out of the box, or which appears to be emitting fumes or odors from the box, or which appears to be harming or endangering any other item or the property of any others; enforce the Terms and Conditions, including all our rights and remedies; open the box for security reasons generally; and we simply repackage your existing box in its damaged condition. We are not responsible for any lost items during repackaging or damage resulting from shipping.

Also, please note that we pass on shipping costs to you, and these costs change with economic conditions, fuel prices, the location to which you'd like to have your items shipped, shipper fees, etc. Thus, quoted prices when you request your boxes may not be the same as when you sent them to the warehouse.

What about shipping charges?

Shipping is provided by large trusted carriers such as Fed-Ex, UPS, and/or the US Postal Service. When you place an order with us, shipping charges are clearly stated at checkout, and our prices show what the shipper would charge you.

Will my possessions be safe?

Our Storage Centers are protected by monitored security systems for your total peace of mind. Unlike traditional self storage, the public never has access to our warehouse. Only our authorized and trusted employees can access our facilities along with monitored security systems. We do not open your boxes. As a rule, you shouldn’t store irreplaceable items or things of high value unless they are insured by your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

To further ensure the safety of your items, be sure to pack properly. This page can help you.

What do I do for a box and packing materials?

We strongly urge you to review our packing page and pack using high quality shipping boxes as opposed to used boxes, or strong grocery cartons. Please also review packing requirements from the shippers—e.g. Fedex’s page can be found here. Please do NOT use cheap Home Depot, WalMart or U-Haul boxes that are made for moving—you should look for strong shipping-grade boxes.

Keep in mind the boxes you send need to survive the multiple loading and unloading by the shippers on the way to the warehouse and the return trip back to you at some time in the future. Consider using a few small boxes instead of stuffing items into a large box. The vast majority of damage occurs to large boxes, which are often overloaded and too heavy. You should resist the temptation to pack in large boxes—we price the cost per cubic foot to store and ship is relatively the same at all sizes. Smaller boxes can better withstand the stresses of shipping, all else being equal. The shipping cost will also be close to equal due to the dimensional pricing that shippers use, and the storage cost will be close too. It’s also easier on your back to transport many smaller boxes that a few larger ones!

Box strength degrades with time and usage. When in doubt check the requirements of the shipper you will be using. Please follow their box and packing requirements to ensure that you items are safe in transit. When in doubt go to the retail location of the shipper you will be using and get their recommendations for packing. If you plan to leave a box in storage for many months, please note that recyclable boxes degrade over time (by design). Please choose your packaging appropriately.

Am I renting the space month-to-month or am I on a lease?

It’s up to you: we offer month-to-month and fixed term storage, which is cheaper. Your chosen rate remains in effect for the start of your stay. Better prices are available for longer term contracts. You can get your items back whenever you want. If you choose to have your items returned before your initial term expires you owe only for the months left on your contract and any promotional terms that you may have been offered.

How much notice do I need to give you that I’m sending something?

None, you may place an order today and send your items today if you wish. Get Storage Now!

How do I get my items to your storage facility?

Use our web site to place an order and print mailing labels. Affix these labels to your well-packed boxes. We use major ground shipping services, such as UPS Ground, FED EX Ground, and USPS Ground.  You can have your labeled items picked-up at your home or business, or you can drop off your boxes at your shipper’s local retail location. Be sure to ask for Ground service pickup (not express or overnight or other product offerings—the shipper may refuse your pickup.).

Do you provide Insurance coverage?

Yes, additional storage insurance can be purchased when you place your order . We offer $50 of free storage insurance coverage as part of your order. Please read all of our Terms and Conditions to understand the limits of our liability. Do not send any box over $300 in value or any combination of boxes over $1,000 in value. The maximum storage or shipping insurance that can be purchased from Ship2Storage is $300 for a single box or $1,000 for any customer with three or more boxes. We are not responsible for improperly packed items or fragile items, or items damaged before receipt at the warehouse (e.g. items damaged in transit). We will store damaged items and return them to you in the state we received them. Our insurance does not cover items damaged in transit. You may make claims against the shipper, and we may be able to assist you.

How do I know how much space I need?

Simply box up your items. The number of boxes, their size, and weight determines your monthly storage rate. We can store any number of boxes that you send us.

What are the hours of operation?

You can use our web site to send your items 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. You can contact us by phone during normal business hours (9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. US Pacific Time, Monday - Friday).

What is the minimum or maximum storage period?

You can store boxes for as long a period as you require. Some customers, such as those who are deployed for the military or businesses, stay with us for years. The best storage rates are for longer periods of storage. There is a 1 month minimum charge for all storage. Plans that are terminated early will result in charges for the remaining months, regardless of use. Any promotions associated with those plans may also become payable to Ship2Storage. For example, suppose you selected a 12 month plan that also offered free-shipping to the warehouse. If you terminated your plan at month 8, the remaining 4 months of storage and the free shipping charges from the promotion would be payable by you.

What paperwork is needed?

We make it simple. All you need to do is supply your box information online and agree to our Terms and Conditions when you order our service. We do not ship internationally, and we do not handle customs and other such paperwork for international shipping.

Are there any items I cannot store?

You cannot store items that are perishable, flammable, explosive, corrosive, fragile, dangerous, toxic, illegal, alive, or items that could decompose, melt, degrade, leak, corrode, freeze or break. All items must also comply with the requirements of the shipper that is used. Anything you store should be in compliance with our Terms and Conditions and any State or Federal laws. Examples of items that cannot be stored are: Ammunition, gasoline, paint, paint thinner, propane, food, produce, plants, and fireworks. Please call or e-mail if you have questions, and please use common sense.

Do you pay referral fees?

Please contact us about our Affiliate Program.

Does your warehouse have pest control?

Yes, we have a professional pest control company that monitors our locations monthly. However do not store any food items and do not use popcorn as a packing filler. (Yes, someone has asked!) Additionally, do not store items that can attract insects or other pests -- be sure to fully seal such items.


Rent is due in advance, on your monthly anniversary date. For example, if you originally entered your storage agreement on April 13, your credit card will be billed again on May 13, June 13, and so on for the upcoming months. For anniversaries that start on Feb 28th/29th or the 30th/31st of the month, the repeating anniversary is the last day of the month. When you want your items returned you are only charged for the remaining portion of your contract and return shipping. We do not refund rent for partial months or partial contract terms.

Do your warehouses offer climate controlled storage?

Our locations offer climate controlled spaces for an additional fee. Please e-mail or call us with your specific requirements.

Where does my box go?

Your box is shipped to one of our clean, safe, secure, warehouse facilities located at various locations in the continental United States, where your items are processed and stored. You can use our website to check the status of your boxes any time (login required).

I’m selling my house - why should I store with you?

If you’re selling your home, clearing out some of your possessions first will make it less cluttered and more attractive to buyers. If your move has gotten "held up" then you can store everything with us for as long as it takes.

How can I sign up for Ship2Storage?

Click here to register . Ship2Storage will ask you only for your name and email and ask you to create an account (username/ password). Only registered users may obtain quotes. Please remember that if you created more than one account, you will have more than one username. You will need to login with the correct account (username/ password) to display your boxes.

Why can't I see my boxes when I go to MyBoxes?

You may have created more than one account. Your boxes are linked to an account, and you may have placed an order through another account. Try logging out and login again using the username/password for your other account(s)— you should then see your boxes. If you can't access your account, you can try to reset your password or to contact us for further assistance.

Does the credit card have to be in my name or in the same name as the order?

You must be a legally authorized user of the credit card to open an account.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using most debit and credit cards. At this time, we accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

How do I get my boxes back?

You can request return of your items anytime you like. You will need your log-on credentials, and you can request your items be sent to anywhere you like in the US.

How do I get copies of all my bills?

Contact us and we can help you to retrieve your payment history.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

If you fail to pay your bill or fail to update your billing information , we make several calls and requests. If we get no response the items you keep in storage will be auctioned after four months.

If necessary, will I be able to change my payment method later?

You can always login to your account and edit your information on file or provide it to us by phone.

What if I have more questions or a problem?

Our trained, friendly staff is here to give you all the help and advice you need. Use our site to contact us or give us a call at 1 888 397-3537 during normal business hours.

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