Register - the world's most convenient self-storage. Have questions? Need help placing an order? For fast, friendly answers from a human being just call 1-888-EZ-SELF-STORAGE or 1-888-397-3537.
Ship to Self-storage! Get a storage quote and also get free shipping for a limited time. Step 1:  box up your items. Step 2: get shipping labels from our site to ship them to us. Step 3:  Ship your boxes to our storage facility!  We'll keep them safe.  Request your items, and we'll ship your boxes back to you wherever and whenever you like.
Get convenient personal self-storage! Pickup from home or office and ship to storage directly using Ship2Storage.  Ship2Storage offers self-storage of all your belongings without ever leaving your home or the hassle of a storage unit rental!  Store just one box or many. Arrange pick up at your home, store your items at our secure, climate controlled storage facility, and have Ship2Storage return them when you want.  Ship To Storage.
Instant self storage for as long as you like with the conveince of shipping. Self Storage by the box with monthly self storage prices starting at $2.79 a month.
Just pack your stuff, ship to our warehouse, and Ship2Storage will store it.  Simple.
Need summer storage, household storage, or college moving?
  Ship2Storage offers convenient self storage a box at a time. Don't rent an entire self storage locker when you don't need it. Just pack, print out your mailing labels, and Ship To Storage. Pickup from home, dorm or business and Ship To Storage.
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Need off site storage for records, inventory or other business items?  Send your records and inventory to self-storage!  Ship2Storage has quality long-term self storage with convenient and timely retrieval. Need Business Storage?
  We store purged records, excess equipment, furniture, seasonal items, or temporary inventory, and much more. Ship2Storage can handle all of your business’ storage needs. Free up your valuable office space and put it to more profitable use.
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Rates and Promotions
See our promotions and view our current storage rates, Limited Time Free Shipping.
Service Areas
Ship2Storage services the entire continental United States
Can Ship2Storage Pick-up my boxes?
Have your boxes picked-up at your home or office.
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